The Color Corps of the Knights of Columbus are the uniformed members of the Fourth Degree. They are the ones that are most noticeable at church and public functions, parades, etc. They consist of two parts;  the Honor Guard and Color Guard.

The Honor Guardsmen are those members who have mastered the Manual of the Sword. All others are Color Guard.

The primary responsibility of the Honor Guard is to participate in the recital of the rosary, viewing and burial of deceased members. This is at the request of the deceased Sir Knight’s family. The Fourth Degree Honor Guard is available, by request of the family, for any Knight in good standing or his spouse. Contact the Color Corps Captain if you wish to have this service performed.

The Color Corps has the responsibility of participating in any public event were the flags of America, State, Papal and Knight of Columbus are displayed with honor and reverence.

Members desiring to join the Color Corps should contact the Captain.

The Color Corps of each Assembly is trained and drilled by a Color Corps Commander appointed by the Faithful Navigator. The Corps basically follows a Naval theme with ranks and insignia. Note that the chapeaux, which are never called hats, are similar to the old naval uniforms. Cape colors are an indication of rank.

· Vice Supreme Masters wear blue capes and chapeaux.

· Masters wear gold capes and chapeaux.

· Faithful navigators (whether a member of the corps or not) wear white capes and chapeaux.

· District Marshals (District level Color Corps Commanders) wear green capes and chapeaux.

· Commanders wear purple capes and chapeaux.

· Other Color Corps Members wear red capes and white chapeaux.

Former Vice Supreme Masters, Former Master, and Past Faithful Navigators are all permitted to wear their respective capes and chapeaux when they finish their term of office.

The old regalia can still be worn until the end of the current fraternal year (June 30, 2018). After which time, the new regalia will take effect.

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